Sweden’s largest independent funeral site

I founded a Swedish funeral site called ”Den sista vilan” in 2009 with the concept of trying to make the subject social. It was really hard and in the beginning it was received with mixed feelings from the funeral business community.

I continued to work with the site the following years and then suddenly something happened in the beginning of 2011, the site started to grow by itself and by todays measure we are the largest independent funeral site available in Sweden.

Utveckling av begravningssidan

There have not been any clear business model in this startup, I think we just waited to see what would happen. However, we have now plans to grow this site even further and make it a successful business, it has really great potential and it will be fun to explore and grow this business further. Most other content based internet sites are seeing a drop in traffic due to the mobile and tablet growth since those users tend to spend a considerable time using apps instead.

We are actually going against the internet growth in Sweden as you can see by our visitors. Keep tuned for more information of how I will growth this business further in the second half of 2013.

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