CaféMaze international is now open

I am today releasing an international version of CaféMaze, a Swedish version has been available in Sweden for a couple of weeks already. It is based around the Scandinavian concept of taking a ”Fika” with your friends. ”Fika” is similar to a coffee break and it is a very common socializing daily event where you take a pause in your busy schedule to drink some coffee together with cookies or sweet bread.

CaféMaze contains social functionality to talk to friends about things you never have time to talk about otherwise. Our new site is very similar to many social networks but is very different from for example Facebook in that you are relatively anonymous with others in your discussions. This makes it more convenient to talk about sensitive things you don’t want others to connect to your personal identity.

We have made it very easy to use our site, you don’t even need to register to our site in order to post messages, you can use your existing Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL or WordPress account using OpenID. It is also available directly in Facebook using our application http://apps.facebook.com/cafemaze-com/ if you want to take a break without leaving Facebook.

Take a coffee break and join us at CaféMaze.

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